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Studio Features

Core Centric coaches encourage you to Be Your Everyday Athlete so you can be more confident and comfortable today and tomorrow.  Personal training is one-to-one functional fitness coaching – just you and your fitness specialist. We have the tools!


Unique Philosophy

Sandi Silagi and Michelle Reed are movement and fitness specialists with a passion for transforming the body to work efficiently and effectively. You can be more confident, make more fluid movements and use the breath, body and mind to be strong and calm in intense situations, joyful occasions and relaxing times.

With years of experience, knowledge and positive attitudes, these ladies and their trainers will get you the results you want and need.

Our Mission

Core Centric’s mission is for the client to
understand their body: how it moves, what the
client needs it to do and how to do it – so they
can be more comfortable and confident today
and tomorrow.


Our Goals

To use functional movements, exercises that
allow you to live your life more comfortably, train in
3 dimensions and closely replicate sports
specific movements and movements of your
daily life.
To emphasize your core strength by using body mechanics to reduce injury and fatigue for better health and balance. All movements start with the breath and are initiated from the muscles of the core, stabilizing so the movement itself becomes the key to a strong and healthy body.
To cross train for power, endurance, agility and strength, as well as off-season periodic training.

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Kinetic Wall

Kinetic Wall consists of a series of anchor points to attach resistance bands, creating a dynamic, low-impact, total body toning experience.

TRX Suspension

TRX Suspension Trainers are fixed straps suspended from the ceiling, allowing for hundreds of exercises that build endurance and flexibility while strengthening the core.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling Equipment: Bring your bike and set it up on the fabulous TACX Flow Trainer. We have 4 cycle trainers and 3 bikes to use if you do not bring your own.


Workouts are enhanced using Resistance Bands, Physio Balls, the BOSU, Medicine Balls and Free Weights. Most of the movements and exercises can be duplicated at home by clients.



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